For sales success use our display stands

Fri 20th Jul, 2018

Getting across the quality, range and benefits of LPD doors to your customers can be a challenge if you’re limited to a brochure or website. So what could be better than introducing a display stand, to showcase our collection in a stylish, eye-catching and interactive way? 

The key to engaging customers and creating demand, here’s why you should consider a display stand for your showroom:

  • Our quality door display standsenable customers to view doors first hand – to see the finish, workmanship and materials for themselves
  • There are a range of stand optionsto choose from - to suit your space and your needs – including 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 door stands
  • Our smaller 1 and 2 door stands are perfect for promotional activity
  • Choose a 1, 2 or 4 door stand for a more compact optionto fit a smaller showroom 
  • Our 6 and 8 door stands are a great way to create an impact– with working lights and interactive doors that open and close 
  • We can even help you create a bespoke standthat creates a premium impression in your showroom, tailored to your customer profile*
  • All our stands come complete with product cards for a professional finishing touch

Contact us today for more details – and look forward to showcasing the LPD door collection in your showroom.

*Subject to conditions, speak to your local sales rep or call us for more information.

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