Your Guide to Internal Roomfolds

Fri 26th Apr, 2024

What are Roomfolds?

Also known as internal sliding doors, internal bi-folding doors or concertina doors, Roomfolds are a superb modern solution for opening up your home.

Roomfolds are a series of glazed or unglazed doors which when opened, fold all the way back into the door frame. An attractive method to boost the light around your home and utilise room space. 

Internal Roomfold with Soho Doors

What are the benefits of Roomfolds?

Roomfolds are ideal for those rooms which you feel need a little but more space, but you still want to preserve some of your privacy. Often used for living room to dining rooms, they can give you the best of both worlds and make your home feel more fresh and airy.  

Having a glazed Roomfold is the most popular choice. This is ideal as it will act as a wall to cut off the rooms into two when closed but will not prevent any loss of light. 

How can we help?

At LPD, we offer Roomfold systems, ready to be personalised to the door of your choice. Available in four different sizes, there is a lot of flexibility of where these internal doors can be used. 

The internal door sets include:

  • A track
  • Top pivot
  • Apron plate and hanger
  • Bottom pivot 
  • Hinges


As well as the door frame, the sets are easy and straightforward to install. 

 The doors for the Roomfolds are sold separately so this is where you can style them to your preference. 

 Available for an array of our doors, you can have the choice of installing a fully glazed option or a solid design if you are wanting more privacy.

Any of our internal doors without raised mouldings will work perfectly! 

Internal Roomfold with Oak Doors


 We know that choosing the right Roomfolds for your home is a big decision and can be hard when there is so many different choices. It can be a good idea to use the internal doors as a focus point for your interior design so make sure you do pick a style that you know you will like working with. 


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