How to create your perfect door pair

Thu 20th Dec, 2018

There are a number of ways you can create a door pair – it’s worth looking at the options before you go ahead. Also, you may want to enlist the help of a professional joiner, as ensuring both doors are perfectly lined up is vital when it comes to achieving a great finish.


1. Door Pair with Square Meeting Stiles

This is the simplest option and means that the flat vertical edges of the doors meet when closed. To ensure they don’t catch on one another when you open them, it’s important to leave a gap of 3mm between the doors at the central point and ensure they are fitted centrally with a latch.


2. Door Pair with T-Section

If you don’t like the gap, you can add an extra strip, known as a pair maker, T-Lip or T section, to hide the space between doors.


3. Door Pair with Rebated Meeting Stiles

This option is trickier to achieve but creates a great finish as you don’t need to leave a gap between the doors. A section measuring around half the thickness of the door is removed from both, so they fit snugly together when closed. Choose whether you want the right or left-hand door to open out first.


How to tip 

It’s worth checking with the door manufacturer that the door of your choice can be rebated, as this isn’t possible for all door styles. LPD offer a wide variety of pre-rebated pairs in numerous sizes to make the process even easier


4. Pocket Door Pair

This option is great if you’re short on space. Ideal for a contemporary home, the doors slide open into a cavity (or ‘pocket’) in your wall so you don’t have to accommodate opening doors

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