How to care for your external door

Fri 14th Dec, 2018

man with saw 

Solid wood or wood veneer doors will need to be protected to ensure you enjoy their natural character for years to come. Temperature changes and humidity are two of the main reasons a wooden door can warp or swell, so it’s important to make sure you look after them adequately, applying the correct sealant or treatment

A timber door will last longer when it’s installed under a porch or canopy – especially if it faces South or South Westerly and suffers sun damage

Remove hardware before you treat your door, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how to apply it, and how many coats to use as a minimum

Re-treat your door every two to three years (unless otherwise recommended by the sealant or treatment manufacturer)

Regardless of what your door’s made of, a wipe with a cloth is also a good idea to maintain its good looks. Check the spec of your door before choosing to use soapy water, a damp or a dry cloth – but never use a power washer as this can damage the surface

Vacuum or brush door tracks or sliding mechanisms to remove dirt which may build up and prevent them from working smoothly

Check weatherstrips and draught excluders regularly, and replace when necessary

Check hardware and ironmongery for damage, oil moving parts and replace them when necessary

Check metal components for rusting, and plastic parts for wear and tear

Ensure cracked glazing is replaced as soon as possible, as this will not only compromise your security but also affect warmth of your home

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