5 Home Interior Trends LPD Doors Can Help You With!

Fri 26th Apr, 2024

5 Interior trends of the summer and how LPD Doors can help you!


Now that we have passed the half-way point of the year (wow!) we thought we would take a look at some of the 2021, summer interior trends and if you are wanting to follow these, see what internal LPD Doors we have to help you with this. 


When we were looking at the Autumn Winter trends of 2020, we were seeing a lot of dark colours, contrasting shades and crittall style doors. 2021 and summer interior trends in particular seem a lot fresher and calming for your home. 


Take a look below at the 5 trends in particular we can help you with. 

 1. Cottage Core 

The cottage and country style this year has been really popular. The idea of this is to inject character details in and around your home, rather than changing the whole house altogether. The Cottage Core look is practical for a lot of houses, particularly new builds which are being decorated as this interior trend does involve modern aspects too. So, if you are wanting to keep a contemporary interior but are looking for a cosy vibe then this is the look for you!


How LPD Doors can help:

To achieve the Cottage Core look, plenty of natural grains and texture is needed. For this, our internal oak doors are perfect! Available pre-finished and unfinished, we have loads of options for you to choose from. 


We particularly like our Solid Oak range and our Belize collection for this. Textured, oak and simplistic design, these internal doors will add warmth and comfort to your home and will emphasise the Cottage Core trend.

Belize oak internal door

2. Contemporary Country Look

 This style is similar to the Cottage Core trend. Mixing natural textures around your interior, a cosy and inviting look can be created. As the name says, modern aspects are a major element of the Contemporary Country Look so accessorising your home could be a possibility to achieve this style. 


How LPD Doors can help:

We have focussed on two different style doors for this trend. Our DX30 range and the Reims family. Both coming in traditional oak finishes and with a classic design, they fit the country vibe. However, these doors are also available in a fresh primed white finish. This is perfect as the texture and the traditional style is there but with a modern twist! 



Oak DX 30 Internal Door 


For both the Cottage Core and the Contemporary Country Look, we also think our Barn internal door and our oak Wexford would work great too! Take a look below to see what you think.


Internal White Barn Door


3. Traditionalism 

This 2021 interior trend highlights 18th and 19th century décor. Creating a cosy and comfortable ambience in your home, rich and warm shades are needed. Those who appreciate symmetry will love this trend. By promoting strong architectural elements such as mouldings and fixtures in your home, an aura of elegance is created. 


 How LPD Doors can help 

 Here at LPD, we do have a wide variety of door designs from modern to classic but, we think we do have the perfect product for you if you are wanting to create a traditional looking interior. 

 Our panelled Regency doors tick all of the boxes. Symmetrical, cosy shades and raised and fielded panels are what makes these internal doors. 

For this trend in particular, we believe that our pre-finished oak and our smoked oak Regency internal doors would complete your internal décor. What do you think?

Smoked Oak Regency Internal Door

 4. Shabby Chic

This interior trend is often associated with furniture however, we know our doors can assist you achieving this look. Shabby Chic combines cosiness and timeless elegance. An abundance of white and natural textures creates a rustic, calming and airier feel. By featuring the colour white or even adding white doors to your home, this can instantly make your room feel bigger. 


How LPD Doors can help:

 Last year, we launched a new collection of primed white grain doors. These internal doors show the natural wood grain effectively, giving the door texture and style. Featuring traditional panels and moulding, these internal doors look very Shabby Chic! 


White Grain London Internal Door

 5. Luxurious interiors 

The final major 2021 trend which we believe we can help with is having luxurious internal décor. This ultra-glamorous trend features geometric shapes around your home, creating an art deco style. 


How LPD Doors can help:

 Here at LPD, we have a lot of premium internal doors which will fit the agenda to elevate your home with touches of luxury. 

Our favourite options for this trend are our Knightsbridge and Antwerp internal doors. Sophisticated and deluxe, these will really add a touch of beauty to your interior. Both featuring distinctive shapes and eye-catching designs in bold and strong colours. Add one of our polished brass handles to create even more eclectic glamour!

Internal Black Door 

Happy decorating everyone! 

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